Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
what a bored cny
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what a bored cny

happy cny..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Previous post was in July..Lol..What's the answer of 12-7? 5 months..Lol..My blog has been abandoned for 5 months..Let me summarise what I have done in these 5 months


  • 2nd semester starts, 5-6 subjects ( accounting 1, introduction to business, English for business & trade, moral education, Malaysian studies and foundation in micro computing)
  • I'm suck in accounting…


  • 2nd semester continues…
  • I'm still suck in accounting…


  • 2nd semester continues
  • My accounting is not improving…
  • Moral education class ends…if I'm not mistaken it ended in October
  • Tests, tests and tests


  • 2nd semester continues and end
  • Study, study and study
  • Final examination starts and end
  • PZ confessed to me and I accepted him =)
  • Semester break starts


  • Waiting for 13th December
  • Bbq at the BEACH!!! Was so fun that day..miss that day A LOT

p/s: Yih Shian is in IPOH

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

her name is baby..can u see there's a puppy behind her~? well, that's her cute little daughter named pillow..this is the only photo of baby..

she's clever and nice..and she got a pair of beautiful eyes which pillow dont have.. usual, let her out of her cage and let her hang around in my garden..
dont know who is it who didnt close the door of the store room..she accidently eaten the mouse repellent..we make her eat raw egg yolk (people say this will make them vomit)..yea, she did..and all of us thought she's ok already..she's really ok during that night and the next morning..until afternoon, she start struggling...send her to the vet..the vet says, there's internal bleeding and most probably her organs are spoiled..suffering from muscle cramp..cant breathe properly..gave her an injection to strenghten her heart..have to stay there for one night..the vet ask us to get ready..

got a call from the vet this morning..she didnt make it..

i know you wont worry bout your kid..but we will take good care of least wont let her make the same mistake..

may you rest in peace

Monday, July 6, 2009

my birthday is on 3rd of august (monday)..i have to go back to penang on 7th of august (friday) to get my result..

friday, working day, schooling parents dont wanna fetch me back on that day...mummy say, we're gonna send u back on 2nd of august(sunday)...

MEANS!! i cant celebrate my birthday in ipoh....T______________________T

mummy arr............if i go back by bus also no one fetch me back to hostel from the bus terminal......mummy arrrrr.........sad...

yea..i know it's 3.30am..

but i just cant fall asleep..cant get it..i didnt take nap this afternoon..or did i? XD no..i remember that i just sleep for like half an hour then i was waken up by mummy..

watched transformer: revenge of the gonna watch it again coz i got the 4th row and my seat is at the side..cant watch it properly..err..i mean it just doesnt fulfil my's a nice movie~and~~~~~captain william lennox(JOSH DUHAMEL) is damn hot!!i know that he's been in the drama called "LAS VEGAS"..but i didnt know that he's that handsome so i didnt watch it..sam is nice..mikaela is hot...

im gonna put some of josh's photos~ =]

just imagine..that martin as shian...XD

he's so cute...

in transformer 1..


he's hot~

but he's married..with fergie~~~they're cute~

Saturday, June 13, 2009

shian's timetable

for this semester~~

29 june - 5 july----break

6 july - 12 july----exam

13 july - 9 august----sem break

13 june ----today

2 weeks more to end lectures for this sem~~bye bye ms ong~~

thank you mr. ong for giving me such reasonable score... XD

i wanna go home....i miss ipoh so much.... T____T

i'll go back on 27th june i guess..yeah~~~!!

then go penang to take day...then go back ipoh again...

troublesome right? so i'll either go home by bus or i wont go back during the study week..

friends in ipoh~~wait for my call~~

p/s: 不要怪我敷衍。。。。

Thursday, May 28, 2009


there's a "board" in the library of my college..and its free for us to conteng whatever we want~

my frens~~ chloe and shu jun~~

can u see my name~~?

shian shian shian shian shian~~~

im bored....TT